Employment Opportunities



Competitive compensation - Our compensation is competitive with the largest CPA firms in West Virginia. We pay time and a half for all overtime worked, including that of professionals.  We prefer this arrangement to reward those who put forth the additional effort.  

Employee bonus system – Our bonus system is second to none and has been termed “one of the best bonus systems in West Virginia, if not the United States.”  We pay 50% of the profit (after direct costs and overhead) to the employee who recruited the client, not just for one year, but also for as long as the employee and the client are still associated with the firm.  This, in essence, allows employees to receive the same financial rewards of an owner, without the risk. 

Flexible work schedules –  We allow employees to define their own work schedules within reason.  We have employees who work only during “tax season.”  We also have employees who work 40 hours per week during tax season and fewer hours the remainder of the year.  There are employees who arrive to work at 9:00, and employees who leave at 2:00.  And we have the usual workaholics.

Quality of life – In 2015, full-time employees averaged 38 hours per week throughout the year.  During tax season they averaged 44 hours per week.  Generally we require no overtime after tax season.  Historically we have had little or no travel – with all travel local – no overnights.  In some circumstances we allow employees to work from home.

Spacious, professional offices – Our beautiful office was built to our specifications in Charleston’s downtown historic district.  We constantly strive to provide our employees with the best possible working atmosphere.  Essentially all staff have quiet offices – no cubicles.

2017 Solar Eclipse

A relaxed and fun atmosphere – We work hard to promote a good working environment with our business casual dress code, and regularly sponsor outings, lunches and other activities for all employees.  We provide soft drinks, coffee and snacks for all employees. 

Retirement plan – We maintain a 401(k) profit sharing plan and contribute 3% of each eligible employee’s compensation.  These contributions are 100% vested immediately. 

Medical, dental and vision insurance – We provide excellent Blue Cross health insurance and MetLife dental and vision insurance.  We pay 80% of single coverage and $100/month toward any additional coverage.

Disability Insurance We provide 100% employer paid long-term disabilty, short-term disability, and life insurance to all full-time employees.

Vacation – Vacation for full-time employees accrues based on hours worked at 4% for the first five years, 6% from 5 to 10 years and 8% after 10 years.  For example, a new employee who worked 2,200 hours would be entitled to 88 hours of vacation.  After five years that would equate to 132 hours and 176 hours after ten years.

Sick leave – Sick leave for full-time employees accrues based on hours worked at 2% for the first five years and then 3% thereafter. 

Thanksgiving Luncheon

Paid holidays – Holidays are paid for all employees (including part-time employees at a prorated amount).  Holidays include New Years Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and the day after, half a day for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and half a day for New Years Eve.  April 16th (or the day after tax season) is normally a paid day off.
Paid parking for all employees – We offer all employees paid parking in the parking garage located just across the walkway from our side entrance.

Professional licensing - We pay 100% for full and part-time employees.

Professional memberships - We pay 100% for full-time and 50% for part-time employees.


Team members who:

  • are highly motivated, bright and energetic individuals
  • exercise care in their work
  • work hard and manage their own schedules
  • expect the best from themselves and others
  • want to help our clients solve their financial and tax problems and/or help them grow their businesses 

Woomer, Nistendirk & Associates, PLLC is an equal opportunity employer.